In the work I do, helping mainly entrepreneurs and business owners to heal from their past and up-level in their businesses, I’ve noticed a common theme, especially with those that work in the personal development and healing arena, which is that all too often people whose “job” is being of service to others frequently neglect the fact that they need help and healing too. 

Maybe that’s just like you. 

Maybe you’ve done some deep and intense inner work and healed from aspects of your past, which is what led you to sharing your learnings, wisdom and magic with others so that that can heal too.

Maybe you’re so focused on helping and supporting others that you oftentimes overlook yourself and the help and support that you need.

Maybe, even after all of the work you’ve done on yourself, you think that focusing on yourself might be seen as being selfish, or perhaps you’re so busy helping everyone else, that when it comes to giving yourself some attention and time, there just isn’t any energy left to focus on you.

So today, I really want to encourage you to save a little in the reserves for you. You deserve your love, attention and help as much as anyone else. I invite you to just stop… and spend some time on your own healing and pay some attention to the areas that could do with you shining a bit of light on.

We all have them.

A simple exercise is to take just 5 minutes for yourself and sit in quiet contemplation. Give yourself permission to empty your mind of noise, distraction and clutter. Just for 5 minutes. 

Imagine inhaling a healing purple light of protection, healing and safety, in through the nose and out through the mouth and just repeat this. With each inhalation just imagine this healing light flowing to each part of your body, muscles and organs and just filling your entire body with a beautiful soothing and healing purple light. 

You can feel safe, relaxed, protected and happy that you’ve taken some time for yourself. Just 5 minutes. I promise that your Unconscious Mind will thank you for it.

This is an act of self-love.

Find time as often as you can to be loving to yourself and to develop a connection with yourself. Start by figuring out what you want and need… then do more and more of that. 

Ensure that you too are one of the recipients of your healing, care and attention. You deserve it. 

Keep shining and doing amazing work in the world!


Ayódele O. Kolade