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Advanced NLP Practitioner Certification Training

If you hadn’t already noticed, we’ve entered into a stage in human evolution where so many people, just like you, desire something more. They may not know what that “more” is exactly, but they know that there’s more to life than what they’ve been led to believe is possible for them.

So many people are increasingly interested in Personal Development because of this and for a number of other reasons. 

You see other people, especially on social media, living abundant and fulfilling lives, and it’s frustrating to watch others succeeding with less skills than you have. I know how disappointing that feels, especially when you know given the chance you could be making magic happen in your life too… if only you knew where to start.

But instead, you’re part of the rat race, on that constant treadmill, getting through your Monday to Friday, rinsing the most out of your weekend… only to repeat the cycle again, week, another after unfulfilled week.

Maybe your relationships are suffering too, health is depleting; both mental and physical. Not to speak of the relationships with your children who you don’t know how to connect with because they spend so much time engrossed in social media because of this technologically saturated time we’re in…

Urggghhh! It’s exhausting just thinking about the reality of all the reasons that you’re so ready for life to be different and you’re ready to change now. 

But no need to stay in that awful headspace. Instead, walk with me a little and let’s look at the alternative…

I know that there are a number of possible reasons for you deciding to visit this page.

Perhaps you’ve heard about NLP and Time Line Therapy® techniques and you’re curious to know more. 

It’s possible that you’re interested to find out how learning how to use these skills will help you, or maybe to help others. Or maybe you’re curious to learn about how to transform your own life and become totally empowered.

Whatever your reason, you’re right in the right place!

NLP is, by very short definition, the study of excellence and how thinking creates our behaviour and allows us to produce behaviour of excellence.

Sounds exciting, right? Well you’re right, it absolutely is! 

NLP provides us with the opportunity to tap into the secrets of the mind, human nature and behaviour, and create the lives we thought only existed in our dreams…

Advanced NLP Practitioner – 4-in-1 Certification Training:

Neuro-Linguistic-Programming Certification

Time Line Therapy® Certification


NLP Coach

During this incredible event I will show you how to access your internal power so that you can begin to create the life that you deserve and that you’ve dreamed of. It may sound far-fetched. But it is real. 

I remember when I first discovered NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy. My life was an absolute mess at the time and I was at my wit’s end. A number of incredibly traumatic life events in my childhood and adult life had resulted in what I can only call a catastrophic and chaotic confused mess of a life full of mental clutter, pain and lack of focus and direction.

I had tried the counselling, the medication, the affirmations and Abraham Hicks. I’d tried yoga and meditation. And I’m not going to lie, all of those things helped to some degree or other.

But NONE had the life-changing result that learning about what I now teach had.

The truth is that I came these incredible teachings and modalities for both personal and professional reasons – I wanted to be a coach, but couldn’t find a programme that would teach me the skills and techniques that would produce tangible and undeniable results!

I now teach everything I know to people who want more. More money, happier relationships, highly advanced communication skills, want to change their own lives or possibly also want to help other people change theirs and so, so much more. 

I could write not just one book, but volumes on NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy and how life-changing they are. I could do the same with telling you about all of the techniques and how and why they work. But what purpose would that serve here?

What you simply need to know is that this stuff works and it changes lives.


The next Advanced NLP Practitioner Training is taking place from the

Module 1: 26th – 29th June 2023

Module 2: 3rd – 6th July 2023

It will be delivered Live online

Investment for the Training is £2497 

Early Bird seats available from £1997 – contact us for more information and a call back to discuss your options. 

The Advanced NLP Practitioner Training will change your life and the lives of those around you.

I recently went to visit one of my amazing Graduates to find out how things have changed for her since attending the Training.

Here’s what she had to say…

So the story has two endings really…

1) You stay as you are and keep doing things the way you’ve always done them, knowing that more is possible but not taking action. Relationships with yourself, your partner, your children – all continue to suck and get worse. Your satisfaction with life continues to drain from you and you remain unfulfilled, knowing you could have and wanting more. Just think about that possibility.

But honestly, in 2 or 5 years time, do you really want to look back with remorse at this moment and say to yourself, “I wish I’d have done that Training with Ayódele… just imagine how different my life would have been…”?

 Number 2 is….

2) You get in touch today and request a call back to talk about this incredible life-changing course and we get you moving towards the life you want and more…

Click here to request a call and we’ll arrange a convenient time to talk it through. You’ll get plenty of opportunity to ask all the questions you need answering and we’ll see whether this is the right personal development event for you

Ayódele is the most inspirational person I have come across in my entire life and she has helped me change my life for the better, and continues to do so. She has mentored me on all aspects of my life and has always filled me with positivity and the drive to achieve anything I want in life. I am now in a happy relationship after both my partner and I being mentored by Ayódele; she helped us see what is important in life and how to move beyond obstacles in our way. In addition, I’m now making steps to creating the future I’ve always desired overseas, due to many talks and advice from Ayódele. I highly recommend anyone struggling in life and wanting to achieve a happier, brighter future to seek help from Ayódele.

Sophie Kent, Trainee Teacher

The biggest benefit or breakthrough I got from the Training was all of it! And every day something more. It’s amazing! The training was thorough, practical and hands-on. As a practitioner you get to do some of the work on yourself so you can better relate the experience to future clients. And also the benefit of working on yourself is a wonderful bonus!

Adunni, English Teacher

I honestly do not think I can remember how I was when I first arrived at the Training. The growth and all of the feelings inside that you get from doing this is just mind-blowing and honestly, everyone should do the NLP Practitioner Training. It’s just incredible. 

Adam, Assistant Mayor of Marston Green

Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy® are not just a set of skills, they are life-changing teachings. The whole experience is too powerful to be described with only words. It has to be experienced first-hand. I would seriously recommend this to anybody who wants to turn their life around for the better!

Adil, Entrepreneur

Thank you very much for this very powerful course in helping people to improve their lives. This course is filled with knowledge and trust, support and learning. My most important goal, with every learning for me is to get the results that will change my life to a more fulfilled life. This course made is possible for me to improve my life from the first minute I attended this course. My life feels more fulfilled now. 

Ludmilla, Financial Advisor

Here’s all the you need to know about the Training:

Have you gotten to a stage in your life where you are at a crossroads and you want things to be better and different for you, but you’re not sure where to begin? Or maybe you want to become a life coach, and you’re looking for a comprehensive training that will equip you with all of the skills and tools that you need to help yourself and others make fundamental and fast changes in their lives? Perhaps you have goals and dreams that you want to achieve and make come true, but you’re unsure as to how to make this happen? Or maybe you want to become empowered in your own life and learn the art of complete Personal Mastery. Wouldn’t life be easier, simpler and happier if your relationships were healthier because you had mastered the art of masterful and effective communication? 

Well, all of this and so much more is entirely possible when you learn NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy® Techniques. Learning these skills aren’t solely for the purpose of using them with other people; you can also use them to help you transform your own life. So begin today to walk the path of Personal Mastery and let me show you the way…

So what will you learn during the training?

Foundations and The History of NLP – The Basis of Your Understanding of NLP

  • Learn about the origins of NLP to aid your understanding of the techniques and skills
  • Understand the language of the mind and the NLP Communication Model to help you make sense of the way you and others think and make sense of the world
  • Uncover the mind-blowing mind-body connection that makes is possible to heal the body and create the life you desire using your mind
  • Discover and be introduced to new beliefs and ideas that will expand your understanding of your life and the world around you.

The Basis of Effective Communication Through the Use of Rapport

  • Realise the ability to connect with other people at an unconscious level, making your communication with them easy and effortless
  • Practice the art of skilfully getting your message across to another person in a way that it is accepted and understood
  • Learn how to quickly connect with others, creating trust and engagement with you
  • Discover how to pick up on subtle cues that let you in on the internal thinking and feeling of other people

The Art of Effective Goal Setting

  • Discover a step-by-step blueprint for making your goals and dreams a reality
  • Create the future you’ve dreamed of and develop skills and techniques to help you assist others in doing the same

The Language of the Mind

  • Uncover the secrets of the language of the mind
  • Learn why people move their eyes when they’re talking and how to utilise that knowledge for a better understanding of and better relationships with others
  • Acquire the ability to read these eye-patterns and discover what others are thinking, how they learn and how they best communicate
  • Discover how to use this information to effectively understand, communicate with, influence others and negotiate with ease
  • Use all of this information to develop and intensify your ability to build deep rapport with others

Finer Details of the Language of The Mind – Submodalities

  • Unearth the finer distinctions of the way our brains process information and how to use that information to create incredible results and outcomes
  • Uncover ways of creating rapid change in order to get rid of unwanted behaviours and let go of unhealthy or unhelpful patterns in yours and other’s lives
  • Discover how to rapidly change the beliefs that limit you and others

Master The Powerful Art of Language 

  • Become skilled in using language to instigate and implement positive change in others
  • Learn how to create positive change in others simply by having conversations in a meaningful way
  • Discover language patterns that enable you to become a master communicator
  • Learn and develop questioning techniques that help you to uncover the hidden meanings behind the language that people use
  • Find out how to use effective sales and negotiation techniques that result in a win-win situation for everyone involved
  • Know how to overcome objections to gain rapid agreement

Anchoring and the Power of Utilising Positive States

  • Learn to create powerful positive states in yourself and others and how to be in control of the way you feel
  • Discover the ability to move rapidly from an unresourceful state to a positive state
  • Gain composure when under pressure to assist you in being at peak performance whenever required
  • Create new neurological choices and resources to assist you in getting out of ‘stuck’ states like procrastination

Chains of Behaviour and how to Change them – Strategies

  • Uncover unhelpful patterns in the mind and use techniques to create helpful strategies for successful results
  • Find out how people get motivated, make decisions and feel reassured, all in the context of buying, to assist you in your sales techniques
  • Become artful in your ability to have meaningful relationships by discovering the way you and others become attracted, convinced about a relationship and know that they and you are loved
  • Use strategies to help yourself and others become excellent learners and spellers

Complete Congruence in All Areas of Life – Parts Integration

  • Identify the source of, and eliminate internal conflict
  • Achieve a congruent and aligned life
  • Discover a feeling of completeness and learn how to assist others in achieving this too

The Power of Story Telling

    • Learn how to assist others in creating internal change through the use of metaphors and telling stories
    • Understand the power of using this skill, especially with children
  • Discover how to effectively communicate your message to groups

Time Line Therapy® Practitioner (see separate section below for further information)

    • Uncover the true power of the Unconscious Mind and find out how to use that power to make fundamental changes to your life
  • Learn how to easily release negative emotions from your past, such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt
    • Learn how to assist others in releasing those emotions
  • Have an undeniable experience of letting go of those emotions 

NLP Coach Certification (see separate section below for further information)

Time Line Therapy™ techniques were created and developed by Dr Tad James and are a unique set of techniques that provide you with the freedom to move through your life free from the baggage that has held you prisoner to your past. Time Line Therapy™ techniques are used by Practitioners and Trainers around the globe to assist others in creating fundamental and lasting change in their lives. The use of the techniques is highly monitored by the Time Line Therapy® Association, to ensure that the users and the processes maintain the upmost integrity.

The Three Major Components of Time Line Therapy®

  • Releasing negative emotions from the past
  • Removing limiting beliefs and decisions
  • Placing a compelling goal into your future and causing it to happen

I’m sure you can see the benefit of letting go of limiting decisions, such as “I’m not good enough”, or, “I can’t make enough money”. But perhaps you’re wondering, what benefit you would gain from releasing negative emotions from your past? 

Well, as we go through life, we encounter all types of experiences. Those experiences may be positive or negative in nature. The experiences that are negative in nature may impact on you in a negative way and leave you with feelings that you would rather weren’t there. For example, the end of a relationship may leave you feeling hurt, sad and/or angry. In the same way that a frightening situation may leave you fearful. If not appropriately dealt with, these negative emotions remain in the body and can cause untold problems and cause havoc in your life, including keeping you stuck in the pain of the past, preventing you from moving forward and having the life you deserve.

Time Line Therapy™ techniques provide you with an undeniable experience of letting go of the emotions that have kept you stuck in the past, in addition to helping you to access resources to help you deal with similar or different challenging situations in the future. Once you remove the unwanted negative emotions from your past, you are much more capable of dealing with life’s challenges. In addition to letting go of negative emotions, letting go of limiting beliefs that don’t serve you will empower you to begin creating and living life on your terms; living the life of your dreams!

Course Content:

The Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Training immerses you into the techniques, giving you plenty of opportunity to practice your new skills and fully experience the power and breadth of what is possible. You will gain insight and experience while on the course and qualify as a highly confident, competent and capable Time Line Therapy® Practitioner.

    • Introduction to the major Time Line Therapy™ techniques
    • Gain an in-depth insight into how we store memories and the chains of emotion attached to those memories in gestalts
  • Learn how to release negative emotions from the past and personally experience this yourself during the training
  • Discover how to remove limiting beliefs and limiting decisions
    • Find out why the emotions disappear
  • Learn how to use Time Line Therapy™ techniques to remove anxiety
  • Discover and develop the crucial goal setting technique both for yourself and your clients
  • Understand how to use Time Line Therapy™ techniques in an intervention with a client

Hypnotherapy is an intervention where we work with a client who is in an altered state of consciousness to bring about positive transformation. This altered state of consciousness is a natural state that everyone experiences at different points throughout their day. The Hypnotherapist facilitates the client in making powerful personal changes in their life using this altered and natural state.

Our Hypnotherapy Training is designed to ensure that you graduate feeling confident and competent in using your Hypnotherapy skills with your clients immediately. It is of upmost importance to us that you graduate as highly proficient practitioners.

You will learn to use Ericksonian Hypnotherapy techniques, using a very gentle and effective teaching style that assists you in building your practical skills one layer at a time. This approach leads to building your confidence as you personally experience and also see the effects of the techniques and the ease at which your news skills can be used. In addition to this, you will discover the powerful effects of working with a pendulum and will get to experience this first-hand during the practical exercises. This will add another string to your bow of approaches that you will be able to use with your clients to assist them in making undeniable physiological changes.

Hypnotherapy Training Module Content

Some of the mastery of the delivery of this module lies in removing the mystery and misunderstandings about Hypnotherapy. As mentioned earlier, the altered state of consciousness used in Hypnotherapy is simply a state that we all enter into at various points of the day and the Hypnotherapy module skilfully teaches you how to assist your client to enter into this state for the benefit of their growth and transformation.

The Training includes:

  • Introduction to the history of Hypnotherapy and its foundations
  • Discovering the truth about Hypnotherapy and its power in assisting your clients with their transformations
  • Understanding the different levels of trance and what they are used for
  • Suggested exercises to do with your clients to determine their suitability for Hypnotherapy
  • Learn how to create elegant and powerful suggestions for use during your Hypnotherapy sessions with clients
  • Discover how to work using a pendulum
  • Understand the regulations of the profession and when not to use Hypnotherapy

The NLP Coaching Certification teaches you how to coach a client using NLP and Time Line Therapy™ techniques. It provides you with an international certification that is accredited by the Coaching Division of the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (ABNLP) and provides a framework for you to successfully combine the NLP and Time Line Therapy™ techniques and skills learned during the Training in order for you to feel confident and capable in assisting your clients to achieve life-changing transformations.

After thorough research into the field of Coaching by the Coaching Division of The ABNLP, results show that NLP alone has the highest standards and coaching skills within the Coaching arena. The ABNLP standards for the NLP Coach are so high and comprehensive that they meet or exceed the standards of every coaching organisation that was included for consideration during this extensive and worldwide research

The focus of this research was excellence within the coaching sector and it scrutinised with microscopic attention to detail the highly regarded and specialist standards of the ICF (The International Coaching Federation). The intention was to verify and ensure that each one of the 11 Core Competences of the ICF is at least met by the certification of NLP Coach. The outcome is that the NLP Coach certification, as a result of the training delivered and expertise provided by the body of knowledge of NLP, meets and in most cases actually exceeds the ICF standards.

Course Content

    • Become acquainted with the ongoing nature of coaching, the importance of this and the NLP Coaching Cycle.
    • Understand what Coaching is and what it means to be an NLP Coach
    • Discover the power of NLP Coaching to assist conscious and unconscious integration.
  • Learn about the different uses of NLP Coaching
    • Learn the optimum state for Coaching
    • Gain an insight into giving effective feedback
    • Find out how other types of intervention differ from NLP Coaching
  • Learn a number of Frames for thinking about coaching and assisting your clients to achieve successful transformation
  • Discover what is required by your clients for them to change their lives
  • Develop the ability to create a coaching session agreement

In order to cover all of the required material sufficiently, the training programme consists of a Pre-Study element that must be completed before the live training begins. So, there are two parts to the Training –

Part 1: Pre-Study and Part 2: 8 Day Live Training.

As soon as you register to attend the Training you will receive your Pre-Study material, so that you can start to learn straight away. In order for you successfully achieve your outcomes at the Training, it is highly recommended that you book onto the course 2 months prior to the in-person live Training. This way you will receive your Pre-Study material in plenty of time to digest it and understand the foundations of the content that will delivered at the Training.

Part 1 – Pre-Study:

  • 20 professionally recorded audio tracks to begin listening to as soon as you receive them. This material is recorded by Dr Tad James and is designed to introduce you to the content and theory of the techniques in advance of the live Training. These will provide you with the foundation of your NLP knowledge and understanding so as to assist you in achieving your outcomes during the live 7 day Training
  • The first of two comprehensive course manuals to support your understanding of the audio training
  • Three excellent text books to use to further support and enhance your understanding of the NLP and Time Line Therapy® content that you are being introduced to
  • An open-book test, which requires completion and submission prior to the live Training
  • Feedback on your test and support with areas for development should there be any

You will have access to your Trainer for support with the Pre-Study material via email and telephone should you require it. It is our intention that you achieve or exceed your outcomes for the Training, so support is available every step of the way to assist you in doing so.

Part 2 – 8 Day Live Training:

Once you have completed your open-book test and achieved a successful pass rate, which is a pre-requisite for attendance, you will attend a live 8 day Training. This is the where you will put into practice all of the things that you have learnt in the Pre-Study element of the Training and where things get really fun and exciting and the real transformation begins! 

The Training is highly interactive and offers you a unique opportunity to work through your real personal issues, (content free if you wish) using NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy® techniques. You will be guided and supported through the entire Training and it is our experience that our hands-on approach will ensure that you achieve your expected and desired outcomes for the Training. It is our intention that you graduate from the Training as a competent, proficient and capable Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching.

The Live Training consists of: 

    • Live demonstrations of the techniques you have learnt about during the Pre-Study element
    • Lots of opportunity to ask as many questions as necessary
    • Use the techniques yourself with the other delegates
    • Support and guidance throughout the entire process
  • NLP Practitioner certification
  • Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification
  • NLP Coaching Practitioner Certification

All of the qualifications are recognised internationally by all major professional membership bodies, should you wish to start your own practice as a NLP and/or Time Line Therapy® Coach or Practitioner. AOK Success Coaching and Training Academy is a fully accredited training institute and Lead Trainer Ayódele O Kolade is fully certified Trainer and Master Coach. We carry accreditation from the following internationally regarded professional bodies:

  • The American Board of NLP
  • The Time Line Therapy™ Association
  • The American Board of Hypnosis
  • The Coaching Division of the American Board of NLP

In short, the answer is anyone with a desire to change their own life or with the desire to assist others in transforming their lives. The only pre-requisite to attend the live Training is successful completion of the open-book test, so the Training really is open to and accessible by anyone with a desire to learn and grow. If you are interested in expanding your thinking and developing your ability and capacity to communicate effectively, improve your relationships, begin a new career as a Coach or alternative therapist or simply up-level your life in any area, you are right in the right place. For a little more specificity, however, below are some examples of backgrounds from which people have trained in NLP and Time Line Therapy®:

  • People who want to change their lives through personal growth and development
  • Entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own business or a new career
  • Directors and senior executives, managers and company leaders
  • Doctors, GPs and Health Professionals
  • Health Service and Social Care Professionals
  • Teachers or professionals working in the education sector
  • Trainers and coaches from any background
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Professionals from the probation service
  • Therapists, alternative practitioners and psychologists
  • Project and Programme Managers
  • Public Speakers
  • Retired professionals who wish to continue their learning or return to work after a break

Upon successful completion of the course you will graduate as a fully certified Practitioner of NLP, NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy®. There are numerous and extensive ways in which you can use your certification. Some examples are below, but this list is by no means exhaustive:

  • Improving your onw confidence, self-esteem and self-worth
  • Creating the life of your dreams
  • To improve your career prospects
  • To begin a new business as an NLP Coach or alternative therapist
  • Improve and develop an existing coaching practice or therapeutic business
  • To develop your existing business
  • Business Coaching and Consulting
  • To introduce new thinking and skills into your work place and business
  • Developing HR management and policies
  • Creating training programmes in communication, influencing, selling, negotiating
  • Generating new business and ongoing contracts for existing companies
  • Working in education and implementing advanced learning techniques
  • Creating Weight Management Programmes
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Phobia and OCD Clinics
  • Depression, stress, anxiety, trauma and/or PTSD specialists
  • Relationship and communication improvement specialists
  • Developing optimum performance programmes for athletes or sales staff
  • Training managers, leaders and senior personnel

The next Advanced NLP Practitioner Training is taking place on the following dates:

Module 1: 26th – 29th June 2023

Module 2: 3rd – 6th July 2023

It will be delivered live online

The investment for the Training is £2497 

Early Bird seats available from £1997 – contact us for more information and a call back to discuss your options. 

Deposit £500*

* If on a payment plan, payment must be made in full 7 days before the start of the Training for you to attend, unless otherwise agreed with Ayódele or a member of the team. If you choose this option, we will contact you to arrange the details of your personalised plan.

The investment includes your Pre-Study material, individual support required prior to attendance of your 8 Day live training, at the end of which you will receive 4 Certifications in NLP, NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy®.

Click below to enroll in this training today!

*£500 deposit + payment plan

If you have questions or want further information, please use the form below to contact us or email at

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