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Listening to this Mindset Mastery Audio Programme will help you:

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  • Leave you feeling positive, energised and full of vitality and light

  • Create positive  habits for a healthy mind now and in the future

  • Take charge of your thinking and leave you feeling empowered

  • Change old, unhelpful thought patterns with positive and  kind ones

  • Change negative and unhelpful behaviours around the way you treat yourself

  • Feel ready to embrace healthy positive change


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The mind is so incredibly powerful and when you learn to tap into the infinite capabilities, you will realise how truly remarkable life can be.

Many of us have such negative internal chatter which has such a huge impact on our lives and on what we achieve. The problem is that we don’t often even realise it until we start to pay attention to it… and when we make the shift from negative to positive ways of talking to ourselves, life improves DRASTICALLY

I’m Ayódele Kolade, creator of the EMC2 Personal Mastery Transformation Programme™. As a Master Coach and NLP Trainer with 14 years of experience in working with and understanding the mind-body connection, using energy healing, neuroscience, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy, I’m well-seasoned in understanding the workings of the mind. 

So many people have experienced pain and trauma in their lives, resulting in inner-turmoil, mental clutter and deep but hidden unhappiness. It is my mission to help people overcome these challenges and be totally confident in who they are so they can become the happiest, best and most authentic version of themselves.

I am now striving to make what I know accessible to as many people as is possible and I invite you to join me on this remarkable journey.

So to begin our journey I’ve created this enchanting FREE gift for you: The Mindset Mastery Audio Programme so that you too can start to Master Your Mind. 

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Mastery over your mind is one piece of the puzzle that will help everything else in your life… once you get the inside right, everything else falls into place

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