Perhaps you feel like you’ve really nailed down your intentions for the remaining 4 months of the year and you are so clearly focused on them that you’re not really allowing much else to come into your awareness. If so, awesome!

There’s always so much external mental clutter that has the potential to invade your headspace and de-rail you from where you’ve decided that you want to be headed. Having a clear plan and intentions for what you want to achieve in the remaining months of the year can really help you stay on track.

Some people advise that shorter periods of time to optimise your focus is best, and I heard on a podcast recently (I’ve committed to listening to one a day, every day this year!) that 3 month, quarterly goals are ideal. I like to have longer and shorter term goals, which are really the longer term goals broken down into smaller milestones. I find that helps me to stay focused and on track.

With so much going on in the world right now it can be easy to get distracted from your goals so I think it’s essential to have strategies that keep you motivated and moving in that forward direction.

I don’t watch the news and haven’t for years. I stopped watching when I really committed to transforming my own life. I did a 2 year detox, and I spoke more about that in one of my recent videos on YouTube. But what I didn’t mention was that part of that detox included the information I chose to consume, not just the food and what I put into my body.

News and “negative” information, be that gossip or talking to people who focus on the negatives all of the time is not only draining, but is also giving messages to your Unconscious Mind about what you want it to hold onto and focus on, which as you know by now, significantly impacts on the results you achieve.

There may be many things that you feel like you are not in control of, such as the state of affairs in the government wherever you live or the happenings that are affecting our natural environment. And I know that it can feel worrying at times.

But what about the things that you are in control of? How are you holding yourself accountable for being in control of the way your own life unfolds and the things that you personally achieve?

Instead of focusing our energy on things that we feel like we have little or no control over, focusing our energy on changing the things that we do have control over or finding out how to gain control over the things we want to be in control of, is a much more fruitful way to exist.

Some will say, “let go of control all together!” But I believe that there are things that we can and should be in control of, in relation to ourselves… not others.

The only thing that we really can have control of is the way that we choose to show up in the world. And if there are things that you want to do or change about the way you’re showing up, I guarantee that there is someone out there that can help you figure it out… and failing that… YouTube!

But you have to take action if you want something to change. Wanting it to change isn’t enough.

And if you’re ready to take action on changing the things that you do have control over, but perhaps you’re not sure where to start or how to change them, one amazing tool to look into is Self-Hypnotherapy, which will help you make changes at the Unconscious level of your mind.

Bearing in mind that 95% – 97% of everything you do (including our actions, thoughts and behaviour) is controlled and dictated by your Unconscious Mind, making changes at that deep level of your being is going to create the most profound and lasting changes possible.

And a simple way to do this is to learn Self-Hypnotherapy, which you can do by taking my online course:

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Now from speaking to, Coaching and Training hundreds of people, I know that one thing  most people believe they’re not in control of is the thoughts that they have in their minds. What about you? What do you think?

Are you in charge of your thinking? Or do you believe that you have no control over that and that the thoughts just appear… poof! And you have no control over them?

Well if you do think that, I’ve got news for you… You do have control over them and can change them if you choose to.

Being willing to take responsibility for having things be different than they are is one of the characteristics that separates people who don’t get the outcomes and results that they want from life from the people who do.

There’s so much that you can be in control of and your thinking is just one of those things… well it’s one of the biggest ones.

Remember: Personal Mastery begins with mastery over your mind!

Until next time.