I’d love to know how you manage to stay balanced when things don’t go to plan? Do you have a regular routine that generally helps you to stay balanced and feeling emotionally stable?

Or do you have “go-to” exercises and practises that you call upon in times of need?

I’m a big believer in maintaining balance wherever possible. Although it is likely that life might catch you off guard from time to time, it is great to already have practices or a daily routine that helps to keep you feeling emotionally grounded and centred.


One life-saver and one that I know helps to keep me at my optimum is meditation. I meditate for about 30 minutes daily and have done for a number of years now.

There are so many health and well-being benefits associated with a regular meditation practise that have been scientifically proven , including increased speed in recovering from illnesses, reducing anxiety, decreasing the aging process of the brain, improved sleep, improved focus and attention, and the ability to perform well under stress, just to name a few. The list goes on and on and if there’s one thing that I know I couldn’t do without including in my daily practice, it is meditation.

If you don’t already have a meditation practice I highly recommend starting one.

When I began meditating I started using guided meditations. There are literally millions of them on YouTube, so there’s no excuse! Or you can buy apps and download guided meditations right to your phone.

Now I simply close my eyes, do some breath-work and focusing on my breathing, allowing my mind to empty of all thoughts bringing my awareness to the core of my being.



The very 1st words I say in the morning, as soon as I become aware that I am awake are “Thank you. Thank you for my day and another opportunity to be alive.”

Every day. Over time and with consistent effort, I’ve just programmed my brain to do this and it is now just an automated habit that I’ve installed.

Practising gratitude really does have the power to shift your energy and focus from things that aren’t going so well to things that are and where attention goes energy flows!

So practising your “gratitude muscle” on a daily basis, even when things are going really well, sets you up to fall back on it as a powerful technique to help you feel back in balance if things begin to not work out so well.

I know that there will be times in life when you might feel like you have nothing to be grateful for, especially if you’ve had numerous challenges line up in your life. Deep down you know that there is always something to be grateful for. Whether it is the fact that you have running water and electric and gas in your home, or that you have clothes and shoes to wear, focusing on and being grateful for the small stuff, the stuff we take so much for granted is a great way to begin and continue your gratitude practice.


Positive self-talk

Yes, that’s right. I am still going on about positive self-talk and being kind to yourself. It is one of the most important skills that you will learn.

If you are used to talking to yourself in not a particularly kind way, perhaps because you have been for some time, it will take some work and effort to change that but it will be worth the time and effort that you put in.

If you have negative self-talk when things are going good or generally moving on an even keel, what do you think is likely to happen if things are not going so well? That’s right.

So one of the best things you can do for yourself is get your self-talk in check and really cultivate some nourishing, nurturing and loving vibes towards yourself and remind yourself as often as is possible what a wonderful human being you are.


Build a relationship with your Unconscious Mind

This is another GAME-CHANGER! The Unconscious Mind is the part of you that runs 95 – 97% of your human functioning. It’s the part of you that is responsible for regulating your breathing, heart-beating, blinking and all of the movements and functioning processes that we can take for granted.

Building a relationship with the most powerful part of the quantum mechanical machine that we call the body is possibly the most powerful decision you will ever make.

It is a relationship that you need to nurture and build, just like any other relationship and is something that I teach my clients and Trainees. One thing that you can do to begin creating and building this relationship is start making an effort to listen to the small inner voice that is there that you may not have noticed before you became aware that you had an Unconscious mind, but now you know that you do have one, you can begin listening to it. 

Simply become aware of it and see if you can notice a difference between it and your conscious mind. Do you ever get a hunch to do something that really works out well for you? In business? In sport? In your family life?

What about when you go to get something and forget what you went to get, and then all of a sudden you remember? This guidance is coming from your inner connection with yourself – your inner guidance or your Unconscious mind. We all have various internal voices that are made up from a number of experiences and significant influencers that we have had since we were born. 

We also all have an internal compass that guides us – this is our Unconscious Mind. Some of us hear the voice internally, some see pictures and some get a feeling inside when they are being guided. Start paying attention to this guidance and begin to build this awareness and your relationship with your Unconscious mind.

There are many ways to develop this relationship and actually communicate with your Unconscious Mind. I use my pendulum daily to do that and that is something that I teach at the Trainings I deliver. 

One of the Trainings in particular is the Advanced NLP Practitioner Training. The next one will be taking place live online starting on November 5th 2022. You’ll want to CLICK HERE to check out the details:

You see all of these things that you can start to build and develop while things are ticking along are things that you will want to be able to continue doing when things are not going so well. Now, obviously I hope that doesn’t happen for you and things are just moving along as they are and that that continues.

But if you experience hard times, which we often do simply because that is the nature of life, you will want to have built the internal resilience and developed and strengthened those inner resources using the methods I mentioned above so that you are equipped to navigate your way through the storms.

My advice is to not wait until things aren’t going well before you start developing and cultivating these inner resources… instead start today. Just focus on one and use and practise it well for about a month and then incorporate another into your daily practise. Again, practise that one for a month and add another…

You get the idea.

Please reach out with any questions or comments below and let me know how this has helped you.

Until next time.