How You Rob Yourself by NOT Continuing Your Personal Development Journey

Are you a Coach, healer or leader?


And if you are, what do you continually develop yourself?

In today’s post I want to touch on why it’s so important as a Healer, Coach, Leader or anyone involved in the personal development or influence of others, to continually develop yourselves.

I recorded a video on this topic. If you prefer to watch that, you’ll find it here:

One of my favourite quotes is by Matt Khan.

He says,

“Despite how open, peaceful, and loving you attempt to be, people can only meet you, as deeply as they’ve met themselves.”

So what are your thoughts about that?

When I thought about that quote and what it really means, it got me to thinking about the work I do and how I am continually working on myself. Not necessarily because I’m striving for the Ultimate Perfection; I don’t believe that it exists. But rather, because I want to be the best possible version of myself that I can be.

And while I am that, in any subsequent moment, there is always more to achieve, be, do or have.

Now this doesn’t stop me from being present and grateful in each moment of now… and it does keep me striving for ultimate fulfilment.

My ongoing personal development journey is also inspired by the work that I do with my clients and the people I serve. When I thought about the Matt Khan quote it reminded me that another reason for my own ongoing personal inner work is that we can actually only help and heal others as deeply as we’ve helped and healed ourselves.

Life continues to happen. When you do hit obstacles and challenges, it is crucial that you do the work to overcome them. And by overcome, I don’t mean push the problem or emotion down until you have time to deal with it… I mean make the time to deal with it and to heal the part of you that at some level needed it to happen.

It has to be a priority because not only are you limiting your own growth by not processing and dealing with the challenges that life presents you with, but you are limiting your client’s progress also.

Ultimately, you can only help and heal others as deeply as you’ve helped and healed yourself.

Do you have the skills and resources to deal with the challenges you face? No one is immune to them and as much personal development work as I’ve done and as evolved as I’ve become through that work, I’m not ashamed to say that I still face obstacles and shadows that I’ve not yet addressed will come to the surface to be healed.

Many of those obstacles and challenges I can deal with by myself, and others I choose to get help with.

One of my Coaches once said to me, “you can’t see the back of your head without two mirrors”. You see, sometimes it takes you + another person to help you see your blind spots and address them. I always have a Coach or Mentor. Always. Sometimes even more than one.

So I just wanted to offer my thoughts as some food for thought and open up the conversation about it being ok to ask for and get support with things that you find less easy to deal with alone.

Don’t be afraid to admit that you’re working on yourself and that you’re getting help with that. That is courage and it is absolutely essential to be developing and making a conscious effort grow and evolve if you’re working with others and helping them to heal or grow in some profound way.

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